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Greg Friedlander, inventor, writer and an intellectual property attorney, and developer has, since 2005 worked primarily with class actions, large damage cases and company development.  Greg Friedlander is the principal of Gregory M. Friedlander & Associates, P.C. in Mobile. He has been practicing law for more than 20 years with concentration in intellectual property law, mass torts, real estate and business development. Mr. Friedlander is a regular speaker on intellectual property, litigation and ethics before consumer groups and to professional organizations. He is a member of the Alabama State Bar, the Mississippi Bar, the Louisiana Bar and is a licensed Patent Attorney, which allows him to practice in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Mr. Friedlander has published several books including "China’s Weaponized Economy," and "The First Battlefield of World War II." He is currently working on the third edition of his novel length treatise on quantum mechanics previously published as “Non-Linear Time Theory” which is a continuation of his prior work set out in  the "Einstein Hologram Universe." Mr. Friedlander earned his B.S. degree in chemistry from Lewis and Clark College and his J.D. degree from Tulane University of Louisiana.   He has been successful as an entrepreneur in the casino, software industries, real estate and the law.